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I am a professor in the department of philosophy at the University of Sydney. I work principally in metaphysics, often at the intersection of metaphysics and psychology, and I am joint director of the Centre for Time. I am interested in the nature of space, time, composition and persistence and I dabble in matters pertaining to personal identity and meta-ontology.

All my papers are downloadable from PhilPapers.

More information about my current grants, and some of the larger projects I am currently working on, can be found here.

Information on the projects we are working on at the Centre for Time can be found here. You will also find a skeletal website of the Centre here, after its recent engagement with administrators at the University of Sydney. If you want your epistemic status after visiting the website to change from its pre-visit status, then you should visit our off campus site here.

I bushwalk with other members of sons of the desert bushwalking troop Paul Griffiths, and David Braddon-Mitchell. You can check out our exploits at Sons of the Desert: A Bushwalking Blog.

I live with a sophisticated subjectivist, (David Braddon-Mitchell) an aesthetic objectivist (Freddie Braddon-Miller, above) and who, inter alia, argues that  horse poo is objectively tasty, and those who don’t partake don’t know what they’re missing out on, and a moral objectivist, (Annie Braddon-Miller, left) who argues that the good making properties of the spherical and bouncy have been radically under-appreciated.